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About the Conference

18 Dec 2015
The report provides a summary of the conference proceedings including the discussions in the break-out sessions.
11 Nov 2015
Teams and professionals representing different child protection stakeholders gathered together at the conference named  “Sharing Realities of Multi-Disciplinary Team Working” organised by Child Protection Hub, Terre des Hommes and... Read more
05 Nov 2015
On November 9-10, 2015 in Prishtina, Kosovo, Terre des hommes, Child Protection Hub and Defence for Children are holding a regional conference, “Sharing the Realities of Multi-Disciplinary Team Working.”  It shall bring together... Read more


Find legislation, description of national systems, evaluation of multi-disciplinary child protection practices in different countries.

Multi-Disciplinary Team Work

[Bulgaria] Amalipe Center Conducted an Online Survey on the Effectiveness of Distance Learning for Students from Vulnerable Groups
Date of publication: 2020
The Amalipe Center for Interethnic Dialogue and Tolerance conducted an online survey on ‘Distant learning: an opportunity for the development of education or a prerequisite for de
Transit Stop Bulgaria - work with migrant children, unaccompanied children and young people, The "Let's fulfill (im)possible dreams" Project (Webinar in English)
Date of publication: 2020
The webinar is intended for professionals in the field of mental health and social work. Webinar goals:
The Price of the Dream - Interview with Youth Employment and Educational Advisers working with Individuals without Parental Care (The "Let's fulfill (im)possible dreams" Project) (Webinar in Bulgarian)
Date of publication: 2020
The webinar is intended for: The webinar is designed for professionals in the field of mental health and social work. Webinar goals:
[United Kingdom] Survey Finds Almost Half of Principal Social Workers Spend Two Days or Less on Role
Date of publication: 2019
A newly published survey by Skills for Care has unveiled some interesting facts regarding the Social Work profession and the challenges its professionals undertake daily.
Deinstitutionalization and the development of the next European funds for the period 2021-2027 (International Conference "Deinstitutionalization of Childcare: Investing in Change") [Video]
Date of publication: 2019
The Know-How Centre for Alternative Care for Children shared these 2 videos from the International Conference "Deinstitutionalization of Childcare: Investing in Change" which was held between 5th - 8th November 2019 in Sofia, Bulgaria.
[Bulgaria] International Conference "Deinstitutionalization of Childcare: Investing in Change" Held in Sofia, Bulgaria
Date of publication: 2019
More than 250 experts from universities, institutions and non-governmental organizations from Europe, Australia, Central Asia and the US discussed childcare reform at the International Conference on ‘Deinstitutionalization of Childcare: Investing
The Social Circus Project and the aim of finding a future for children without parents [Website link]
Date of publication: 2019
The Bulgarian NOVA Television reported about the "Social Circus Project" by psychologists and artists project, which aims to find a vocation for children without parents and disadvantaged people on the verge of puberty.
[Bulgaria] 'Together for Childhood Without Violence' Workshop
Date of publication: 2019
The Tulip Foundation, World Without Borders and the Samaritans Associations organised the works


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