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15 May 2019
The National Conference, ‘Geography of Restorative Justice in Bulgaria’ will take place 31 May, 2019, and we would like to share more information on registering for the conference, the speakers, and parallel events. The conference was... Read more
15 Mar 2019
PRECISION or Promote Rehabilitation, Empowerment of Children and Support for Youth Offenders is a project implemented by Terre des hommes Romania, that seeks to promote wellbeing and reduce recidivism of juvenile offenders in Romania. The... Read more
15 Jan 2019
The National Network for Children in Bulgaria condemned the statements of the Deputy Minister of Justice Mr. Evgeni Stoyanov during a morning talk show on the TV channel bTV. Mr. Stoyanov had insinuated that children detained by the law may be... Read more


12 Nov 2018
The following e-learning module is intended to help child protection professionals channel juvenile offenders away from judicial proceedings. This course will give an overview of the alternative methods and give you the tools to use them in future... Read more
07 Nov 2018
This ChildHub Academy e-learning module is intended to help child protection professionals channel juvenile offenders away from judicial proceedings. This course will give an overview of the alternative methods and give you the tools to use... Read more
19 Oct 2018
The webinar is designed for professionals working with children in conflict with the law. The webinar is organized by Program for the Development of the Judicial System Association and  Know-how centre for alternative care for... Read more
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Alternative Ways to Address Youth


01 Nov 2018
This report presents an analysis of the juvenile justice system in Romania with a special focus on the diversion measures. The evaluation was conducted in the light of EU standards (Directives 2012/29; 2001/220; 2012/800) but also important UN... Read more
03 Oct 2018
What Is Diversion? Diversion programs are alternatives to initial or continued formal processing of offenders in the criminal justice system. Where some diversion programs apply to adults who perpetrate less serious crimes or crimes for their... Read more
03 Oct 2018
Children (persons under the age of 18) are entitled to justice and accountable for injustice. This document provides a brief overview of how children can be involved in the justice system, including the degree of involvement. Each level requires... Read more


05 Oct 2018 by Anamarija Vuic
Poštovani sudionici, do sada smo održali dva treninga, u Zagrebu i Osijeku, a čeka nas još Rijeka. Iz vaših povratnih informacija saznali smo da su...
14 Sep 2018 by Judit Németh-Almasi
Ez a fórum a magyar nyelvű képzésben résztvevők részére jött létre. A moderálásért a projektben résztvevő mentorok felelősek.


27 Nov 2018
An easy to understand description of how restorative justice serves the interests of children in conflict with the law. The video was produced as part of the EU-funded project AWAY (Alternative Ways Addressing Youth).
03 Oct 2018
This infographic outlines pathways in the juvenile justice system, and shows how diversion and restorative justice fit into a traditional criminal justice system.
04 Sep 2018
This infographic presents a path to aszlum that an unaccompanied or separated child takes.   Sources: “Asylum Applicants Considered to be Unaccompanied Minors.” (2017). Eurostat newsrelease. http://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/... Read more

Justice for children

[Bulgaria] "Animus Association" Foundation Acquired a Blue Room for Interrogation and Hearing of Children
Date of publication: 2018
The Children's Advocacy and Support Center of the "Animus Association" Foundation provides services to children who are victims of violence and their families. The centre now has a Blue Room for questioning and hearing of children since May 2018.
[Ukraine] New law helps Ukrainian children recover $1.5 bln in child support from fleeing fathers
Date of publication: 2018
Some 450,000 children have been repaid debts that had been dragging for years, Ukrainian Justice Minister Pavlo Pet
[International] 2018 World Congress on Justice for Children
Date of publication: 2018
The 2018 World Congress on Justice for Children will take place from 28-30 May at the UNESCO House in Paris. Organised under the haut-patronage of UNESCO, it will address three major issues:
How to Talk to Unaccompanied Minors and Separated Children about Asylum [ChildHub Video]
Date of publication: 2018
Publisher: Child Protection Hub
This video provides some useful tips on how to talk to unaccompanied minors and separated children about Asylum. Sources:
[Moldova] A new study by Terre des hommes Moldova: Prevention of juvenile delinquency - challenges, conclusions, recommendations
Date of publication: 2018
Terre des hommes Moldova Foundation promotes and develops children’s rights protection programs in Moldova for more than ten years, juvenile justice being one of the major areas of interest and intervention.
[Serbia] Gathering within the campaign "I'm not a problem, I have a problem"
Date of publication: 2018
In the campaign "I'm not a problem, I have a problem", a gathering took place at a Café bar "16" in Belgrade.
[Moldova] First year results of the Programme for Reducing Delinquent and Criminal Behaviours amongst Adolescents at Risk in the Moldovan probation and penitentiary systems
Date of publication: 2018
In 2017 the Intervention Group programme for Reducing Delinquent and Criminal Behaviours amongst
[Hungary] Freedom is an opportunity
Date of publication: 2018
"Freedom was an opportunity and I needed to learn how to use that opportunity rather than take it for granted." said a young girl, member of the Hungarian Child Advisory Group. She felt she needed to learn this the hard way, from within the walls of...
[Belgium] Restorative justice measures work for youngsters - Belgian research finds
Date of publication: 2018
A Belgian research explored good practices in the field of juvenile justice. Professionals interviewed were convinced of the validity of these approaches and have spoken about the difference these have made for children affected. Benefits are not...
[Bulgaria] Young People are Often Affected by Rude Behavior from Representatives of the Police
Date of publication: 2018
Young people, at risk or in conflict with the law in Bulgaria are meeting regularly in Rousse, in order to voice their opinion on the justice system, and to contribute to the development of training material for justice professionals. They have...


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