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26 Mar 2020
Emergency guidance in helping social workers to manage Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS) cases during the COVID-19 crisis is to be produced by the government, with the aim to help practitioners to deal with the DoLS cases during... Read more
21 Feb 2020
The independent media platform for human rights journalism Marginalia.bg reported that the Commission for Protection against Discrimination (CPD) has sentenced the kindergarten "Zhelyazko Popnikolov" in Vidin, Bulgaria, the... Read more
05 Feb 2020
In a new press release, the EU highlighted their role in international efforts to eliminate Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) via their support for a number of projects worldwide, and by including the elimination of FGM in their... Read more


20 Feb 2020
About the webinar: The United Nations Global Study on Children Deprived of Their Liberty reported that “there are still at least 410,000 children held in detention every year in remand centres and prisons. This does not include an estimated... Read more
02 Sep 2019
From women to children to indigenous peoples, the rights of marginalized groups the world over are violated daily. These injustices affect not just these groups, but also the stability of our world – and our collective future. Join this... Read more
24 Jun 2019
The webinar is meant for: The webinar is intended for social workers, sociologists, psychologists, lawyers, humanitarians, practitioners and for all who are interested in the development of the regulation of boarding schools in Bulgaria during... Read more
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31 Oct 2019
What is its purpose? These guidelines lay down the rules of involving children in political campaigns. It was created to: show guidance to those involved in party politics, prevent the use of children in party politics, and to promote... Read more
11 Oct 2019
On the occasion of the International Day of the Girl Child, introduced by the UN in 2012 and celebrated yearly on October11th, Terre des Hommes launches again the “Indifesa” Campaign. This initiative aims at safeguarding education,... Read more
07 Oct 2019
This input for the List of Issues Prior to Reporting (LOIPR) is the result of broad consultation by the Dutch NGO Coalition for Children’s Rights amongst Dutch non-governmental organisations (NGO’s), youth and experts. During round-table... Read more


05 Oct 2018 by Anamarija Vuic
Poštovani sudionici, do sada smo održali dva treninga, u Zagrebu i Osijeku, a čeka nas još Rijeka. Iz vaših povratnih informacija saznali smo da su...
14 Sep 2018 by Judit Németh-Almasi
Ez a fórum a magyar nyelvű képzésben résztvevők részére jött létre. A moderálásért a projektben résztvevő mentorok felelősek.


20 Dec 2019
These leaflets are an excellent communication tool to give information on their rights to children or their parents/legal guardians when they (or their child) get arrested, go to court and are in pre-trial detention. The aim of this... Read more
15 Oct 2019
The Regional TV spot is produced in the framework of the J/TiP project "Improving provision of services and raising awareness to combat Trafficking in Persons in the Balkans, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo”.  SOS Hotline for... Read more
22 Feb 2019
This video is part of the European project “Implementing Restorative Justice with Child Victims”. Throughout the video we also learn about various organisations in Bulgaria that are working to help children through restorative justice. Read more

Justice for children

Crossing boundaries in the administration of children's justice
Date of publication: 2008
Publisher: Council of Europe
The objective of this report is to provide information on the position of the child in relation to administrative justice, both in the phase that p…
Elements for European Guidelines on Child friendly Justice with Particular Focus on children's Access and Place in the Criminal Justice System
Date of publication: 2008
Publisher: Council of Europe
This report follows up on the recent ?Conference on International Justice for Children? which took place in Strasbourg and concluded that children …
Juvenile Justice Code of Kosovo
Date of publication: 2007
Publisher: United Nations Interim Administration Mission In Kosovo
The present Code entered into force on 20 April 2004.
Street Children and Juvenile Justice in Romania
Date of publication: 2007
Publisher: The Consortium For Street Children
This report examines the reasons behind children ending up in the street as well as the offences they commonly commit/are accused of committing. It…
Review of the Criminal Justice System in Kosovo
Date of publication: 2007
Publisher: United Nations Interim Administration Mission In Kosovo
In this review, Legal System Monitoring Section (LSMS) focuses on human rights issues arising in three areas of the criminal justice system: witnes…
Guidelines on justice for child victims and witnesses of crime
Date of publication: 2007
Publisher: Un Economic And Social Council
The present guidelines on justice for child victims and witnesses of crime set forth good practice based on the consensus of contemporary knowledge…
Practices and Standards in the System of Juvenile Justice in Romania
Date of publication: 2007
Publisher: Ministery Of Justice Romania
The goal of this study is to improve the administration of justice in the area of social and legal protection of the minor, in view of setting up t…
Juvenile Justice Training Manual
Date of publication: 2006
Publisher: UNICEF Moldova
This manual is the first of its kind in Moldova.
Review of Knowledge on Juvenile Violence: Trends, Policies and Responses in Europe
Date of publication: 2004
Publisher: University Of Kent - Kent Crime And Justice Center
This report presents a study of juvenile violence in Europe, with three objectives: 1. to review trends in juvenile violence in the countries of th…
Training Course On Juvenile Justice for Officials from Moldova
Date of publication: 2004
Publisher: Institut International Des Droits De L'enfant
This working report presents the various conferences of the Sion Seminar, held in Switzerland from October 6th to 10th 2003.


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