Promising practices

This page collects descriptions and summaries of child protection practices that have been tried and tested and seem to work. While it would be presumptuous to call them 'best practices', they show great promise. We hope you can learn from them!

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Child Protection - Information Sharing Programme: Scenario 2
This film shows NHS staff, social workers and the NSPCC, highlighting the need for better information sharing between the NHS and local authorities. Scenario2.
National Child Traumatic Stress Network Empirically Supported Treatments and Promising Practices
These fact sheets describe some of the clinical treatment and trauma-informed service approaches implemented by National Child Traumatic Stress Network centers, with the common goal of reducing the impact of exposure to traumatic events on childre
Who do you tell?
The "Who Do You Tell?" Child Sexual Abuse Education Program was designed to teach elementary school aged children basic concepts to help them prevent and protect themselves from sexual abuse.
Barnhaus: a quality review of 23 Swedish Barnahus
This publication by Save The Children Sweden reviews the characteristics of 23 Swedish Barnahus.
Responsive parenting: a strategy to prevent violence
There is growing evidence that responsive parenting can have lifetime effects on all aspects of children’s development including their health, nutrition, learning and protection.
100 Best Practices in Child Protection
This publication summarizes practices focused on the protection of children in the family and community, programmes aimed at the protection of children from sexual exploitation, economic exploitation, protection of children in situations of emerge
Addressing Poverty as a Major Risk Factor in Child Neglect: Promising Policy and Practice
This publication addresses the issues of poverty and the risks it brings to child welfare. It discusses the links between poverty and child neglect. 
Promising Practices for Preventing Child Abuse and Neglect
This summary from Promising Practices Network provides an overview of evidence-based practices on preventing child abuse and neglect.
Local Engagement for Roma Inclusion (LERI) - Multi-Annual Roma Programme
The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights' multi-annual Roma Programme featured project LERI (Local Engagement for Roma Inclusion), which was initiated to respond to the European Commission's communication regarding a European Union framewo
Case Studies from Albania to Illustrate Good Practice
From Tdh’s experience in supporting the work of the CPUs, this document brings together examples of how good practice in relation to critical areas of child protection practice have been carried out in Albania, using a number of case studies as il


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