EU Roma Integration Award for the Western Balkans and Turkey

25 Mar 2017
European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations

In this report, Johannes Hahn, the European Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, had stated that the Roma people constitute one of the largest ethnic minority groups in Europe. Within the Western portion of the Balkans, one million Roma people reside, while in Turkey, the Roma population is 2.8 million. The Roma peoples further constitute a decorated but yet exclusive culture, through their confrontation with prejudices, racial inequality, and impoverishment. The alleviation of these issues are increasingly becoming mandated by many governments of the European Union.

Having this being said, there is a need for active involvement of this population into the wider community. The year of 2014 witnessed the birth of the European Commission Roma Integration Award for the Western Balkans and Turkey, which has increased awareness of the Roma Integrative process, through the commencement of these projects and activities ranging from athletics, the arts, academics, employment, and learning opportunities.

The European Union has furthermore initiated Roma Integration 2020, where the goal is to track the results of the Roma integration process in the Western Balkans and Turkey and to enhance legislation regarding the inclusion of Roma peoples. In addition to this, the European Union is committed to the provision of imperative funds for this process along with placing emphasis on education, decreasing dropout rates, generate job opportunities, and the strengthening of health conditions and position in the housing market. 

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