Strengthening the rights of the child in administrative and judicial procedures related to migration: Implementing the Council of Europe Guidelines on Child-Friendly Justice

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Date of webinar: 
23 Apr 2020
Start and finish time of webinar: 
2pm CET
Laurent Beauthier
Spiros Apergis
Júlia Pàmias Prohias
Eva Gangneux

Júlia Pàmias Prohias – Born in Barcelona, she is a political scientist and holds a master’s in International Relations. After some national and international experiences, in 2013 she moves to Italy where she starts to work with DCI Italy as a social researcher. Along the years she has been involved in different European projects. She has dealt with coordination, research, training and advocacy activities mainly in the fields of migration, juvenile justice and protection against violence from a child rights-based perspective. She is in charge of the implementation of the Child Friendly Justice in Action project in Italy.

Eva Gangneux joined DCI-Belgium team in 2018 she is advocacy officer and collaborates in the realization of several projects of the association in the fields of justice for children and migration, including the Child Friendly Justice in action! project. She completed a Master's degree in Human Rights at the University of Lyon. She holds a law degree from the University of Lyon 2 and a degree in Political Science which she completed in France and Colombia.

Laurent Beauthier works as a project manager for DCI-Belgium. He holds a Master’s Degree in translation (French-English-Russian) from “Institut Libre Marie Haps” and a Master’s Degree in International Cooperation – development policies from the “Université libre de Bruxelles”. Laurent has been managing several projects at European and International levels on the following topics: rights of the children deprived of liberty, restorative justice, child-friendly justice, violence against children and violent extremism.

Spiros Apergis is Lawyer specialized in refugee law. Working as the advocacy officer and a legal counsellor of Defence for Children International Greece. Before joining the DCI Greece, he was working as member of the Appeals Committees at the Appeals Authority in Greece, which is the second degree of the administrative asylum process.He is also a longtime volunteer and Chair of Amnesty international Greece since April 2019.

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Description of the webinar:

For children in migration, access to their rights relies on multiple administrative and administrative justice proceedings. However, these various migration-related procedures are, in most cases, unsuitable for children, even though they directly concern them. Adopted in 2010, the Council of Europe guidelines on child-friendly justice set out both general principles and specific rules that are essential to ensure that children's rights are respected in all proceedings affecting them. Alongside member States, the EU has important competences in this field.

This webinar will be the opportunity to point out the shortcomings and gaps in the way administrative justice works towards migrant children and to advocate for the global adaptation of migration-related procedures taking into account the child-friendly justice principles provided in the Guidelines of the Council of Europe.

This webinar is based on the results of the Child Friendly Justice – In Action project’s field and desk research conducted in six countries (Spain, The Netherlands, Italy, Greece, France and Belgium) with a particular focus on the situations in Greece, Italy and Belgium. CFJ-IA project aims at assessing the gaps and shortcomings of the judicial system applying to children in migration. It also gathers the voices of accompanied and unaccompanied children seeking asylum in those countries.


  • The child-friendly justice principles of the Council of Europe applied to procedures involving migrant children (accompanied or unaccompanied);
  • Three thematic and country-specific focuses:
  • The role of volunteer guardians in protecting the rights of unaccompanied children in Italy (DCI-Italy);
  • The importance of access to information and legal support at an early phase of the asylum procedure in Greece (DCI-Greece);
  • The rights of the child accompanied by his or her family in international protection procedures in Belgium (DCI-Belgium);
  • Current EU agenda and advocacy opportunities;
  • Q&A

The webinar is part of an advocacy project taking place within the framework of the funding provided by the European Programme for Integration and Migration (EPIM) and the H&M Foundation to support an advocacy work conducted by the Initiative for Children in Migration. It also brings an additional advocacy dimension to the “Child-Friendly Justice In Action” (CFJ-IA) project funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Commission and coordinated by Defence for Children International – Belgium and World Service.

The content of this webinar represents the views of the authors only and is their sole responsibility.


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