Measuring Separation in Emergencies: Piloting Innovative Methods in Humanitarian Settings

Date of webinar: 
02 Jun 2017
Start and finish time of webinar: 
10am EDT
Beth Rubenstein and Matt MacFarlane
CPC Learning Network

Be sure to mark Friday, June 2, 2017, 10am on your calendar for an interesting webinar conducted by CPC Learning Network's Beth Rubenstein and Matt MacFarlane

The Measuring Separation in Emergencies: Piloting innovative methods in Humanitarian Settings is an inter-agency initiative financed by the USAID Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance, and orchestrated by Save the Children, while in collaboration with Columbia University in New York. The objective of the project is to enhance emergency response programs for migrant children who have either been parted from their families while traveling or are on the move alone. This initiative was made possible through the aptitude and utilization of various techniques to assess the cases of such children. 

The project operators have completed two pilots, in order to monitor the effectiveness of these resources. The first pilot occurred in Ethiopia, over the span of six months, in 2016, where the research department placed a community-based assessment approach in response to the drought and famine that plagued the Ethiopian area of Tigray. The latter pilot occurred in the Haitian Sud region, where in early 2017, the team conducted an estimation survey that was based on population, and had took place after the occurrence of the horrific Hurricane Matthew. 

In this interactive webinar, Rubenstein and MacFarlane will discuss the observations from these pilots, plus lessons learned and suggestions for improvement for the future. 

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