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Thematic news

Thematic news: Children on the move

[United Kingdom] Despite Facing Traumatic Situations, Child Migrants are Shown Little Sympathy by the UK Media
26 Feb 2020
Every child has the right to a peaceful and secure upbringing. Every child has the right to be cared for. Every child has the right to be treated with respect. Yet child migrants are frequently denied any of these things.
[Greece] A doctor’s story: inside the ‘living hell’ of Moria refugee camp
09 Feb 2020
Annie Chapman, a doctor from London and a volunteer of the Boat Refugee Foundation (BRF) in Lesbos, Greece, has recently published an observer special report at the Guardian.
[United Kingdom] Being Age Assessed as a Young Asylum Seeker: a Message to the Authorities
06 Feb 2020
A young asylum seeker from Afghanistan underwent a shocking journey as he fled his home country for the UK. During this time the British authorities continued to assess his age as no one believed he was under 18.
[Greece] MSF Says at least 140 Children with Serious Health Conditions Living at Moria Migrant Camp
26 Jan 2020
The Moria complex on the island of Lesbos has capacity for 3,000 people, but there are now more than 19,000 people crammed inside, more than 1,000 of which are unaccompanied migrant children. Doctors Without Borders (MSF) claims that many of these
[United Kingdom] 'As We Leave the EU, We Cannot Abandon Our Compassion and Humanity'
23 Jan 2020
Roughly 400 of the 2000 children in Samos, Greece, hopes to go to the UK to be reuinited with their family members, but the majority in the House of Commons of the United Kingdom voted against it.
[Central Europe] Facebook Photo Album of 'Mentoring for Integration of Migrant and Refugee Children' Project
23 Jan 2020
About 30% of the migrant population reaching Europe over the past years were children – many of them separated or unaccompanied.
[European Union] Providing a Home for Europe’s Unaccompanied Migrant Children
15 Jan 2020
Fatima is three years old. She was born in Guinea, and arrived in Malaga, Spain on the night of 23 June 2019, after crossing the Mediterranean with a large group of strangers and a woman who claimed to be her aunt.
[European Union] Europe Launches Online Migration Atlas
07 Jan 2020
The European Commission launched an online, international ‘Migration’ Atlas, with data for 198 countries and information updated daily.
[European Union] More than a Thousand Migrants Died Crossing the Sea to Europe in 2019
07 Jan 2020
The International Organization for Migration (IOM) revealed that 1,283 individuals died trying to migrate to Europe across the Mediterranean Sea in 2019 — 44% of the deaths confirmed during the same period in 2018.


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