Toolkit for Professionals: Implementing a European Model for Restorative Justice with Children and Young People


Date of publication:  31 Mar 2015 Authors:  Tim Chapman; Co-authors: Maija Gellin and Monique Anderson Publisher:  European Research on Restorative Juvenile Justice Publication type:  Guide / Guidelines / Principle

In 2014, the European Council for Juvenile Justice (ECJJ)  undertook the task of creating a European Model for Restorative Justice with Juveniles in order to spread and advocate the benefits of a restorative approach. Restorative measures encourage a participative notion of justice that favours reintegration over retribution and punishment.

The following toolkit prepared by Tim Chapman for the ECJJ provides an elaboration of key and best practises within the EU. It illustrates a widespread attraction to use restorative measures. Yet, the findings suggest its practice in European countries is very limited, even non-existent. The document, therefore, provides a detailed toolkit - steps necessary for an effective implementation of restorative measures in order to create common standards and practices across the EU countries.


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