Summary list of key EU legislative instruments relevant to child protection


Date of publication:  01 Feb 2015 Publisher:  European Commission Dg Education And Culture Publication type:  Guide / Guidelines / Principle

This summary contains key legislative instruments for Member States' policies and measures aimed at promoting and developing an integrated child protection approach.

The summary is based on the following regulations and directives:

  • The Victims’ Rights Directive (2012/29/EU)
  • Directive on Trafficking in Human Beings (2011/36/EU)
  • Directive on Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation (2011/93/EU)
  • Brussels IIa Regulation (2201/2003/EC) 
  • Directive on the European Protection Order (2011/99/EU)
  • Regulation on mutual recognition of protection measures in civil matters (2013/606/EU) 
  • Reception Conditions Directive (23/33/EU) 
  • Asylum Procedures Directive (2013/32/EU) 
  • Return Directive (2008/115/EU)
  • Dublin Regulation (604/2013/EU
  • Council Directive Right to Family Reunification (2003/86/EC) 
  • Commission proposal for a Directive on Special Safeguards for Children in Criminal Proceedings (COM(2013)822 final) 
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