#CovidUnder19: Life Under Coronavirus Survey – Facilitator’s guide


Date of publication:  28 May 2020 Author:  Centre for Children’s Rights of the Queen’s University Belfast Terre des hommes Publication type:  Toolkit / Handbook / Manual

#CovidUnder19 is an initiative led by children and young people, with the support of child rights activists, experts and other key stakeholders. They are working together to create spaces for children across the globe to be meaningfully involved in discussions about COVID-19 responses and to contribute towards shaping the post-COVID-19 world.

On 28 May 2020, the initiative launched a global consultation survey 'Life under Coronavirus" to understand children’s experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic and their views on how they wish to get involved – http://go.qub.ac.uk/CovidUnder19

This facilitator’s guide has been developed to guide practitioners in supporting children to complete the survey.

  • The 'Life under Coronavirus' survey is a questionnaire for children aged 8–17 years old
  • The survey can be completed by children individually and online through at this link http://go.qub.ac.uk/CovidUnder19. Alternatively, it can be administered with the support of frontline child protection workers.
  • The survey adopts a child rights-based approach in order to understand how children are experiencing this moment in time.
  • The survey contains 20 questions and will take children approximately 10–15 minutes to complete.
  • The survey is available in English and French, and is being translated into many other languages.
  • The survey is accepting responses until 27 June.
  • It was developed by a team from The Centre for Children’s Rights at Queens University Belfast in cooperation with the #CovidUnder19 initiative, including an international children’s advisory group.

Find out more about the initiative in the news.

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