Child rights 101 for politicians and organisers of political campaigns


Date of publication:  01 Sep 2019 Author:  Barbara Nemeth#uid:17181 Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation Publisher:  Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation

The new political guidelines by the Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation offers guidance and personal assistance to politicians.

The use of children in political campaigns can be prevented. Any party or politician who campaigns with children is in violation of children’s rights. This is often unconscious, so the Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation has compiled a specific list of minimum rules that must be followed to avoid rights violations. Knowledge of these minimum standards can also aid voters to identify the politicians who take children’s rights seriously.

5 practical points to consider:

  • Children need to be protected from manipulation. They cannot be the target of election campaigns.
  • Children have the right to be informed properly on politics. They need to be supported in understanding the role of politics and party politics in shaping public life.
  • Children should not be used for political purposes.
  • Children are not public figures: use of their personal data and images may violate their rights and best interest.
  • Children have civil rights and are entitled to participate in issues of public life that concern them.
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