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[Europe] The Latest Eurochild Report on European Semester
10 Jan 2020
Eurochild has prepared a 2019 report on the European Semester, 'New Opportunities for Investing in Children', with key recommendations for the coming period.
[Hungary] Some Wounds Can Not Be Healed: Affects of Child Abuse on Adult Life
10 Jan 2020
Child abuse cases sometimes go unreported in Hungary due to lack of attention or in order to avoid conflict.
[România] Ministrul Muncii anunță externalizarea serviciilor de îngrijire a persoanelor cu dizabilități
09 Jan 2020
Ministerul Muncii şi Protecţiei Sociale din România, împreună cu Autoritatea Naţională pentru Drepturile Persoanelor cu Dizabilităţi, Copii şi Adopţii (ANDPDCA) au anunțat implementarea unor serii de măsuri ce vor conduce la externalizarea servici
[United Kingdom] New AI Technique to Block Online Child Grooming Launched
09 Jan 2020
The Home Office and the Microsoft launched a new tool which identifies and blocks child grooming conversations online with the help of artificial intelligence.
[Romania] Childhood Deprivation Affects Brain Size and Behaviour
07 Jan 2020
Research has found a link between institutional deprivation and smaller brain size in young adulthood.
[Romania] Special Olympics România deschide piața muncii pentru oamenii cu dizabilități
07 Jan 2020
Fundația Special Olympics România a demarat proiectul ”Angajați, NU Asistați!”, ce își dorește integrarea pe piața de muncă din România a persoanelor adulte cu Sindrom Down.
[United Kingdom] UK Charity Deals with Record Number of Reports of Online Child Sexual Abuse Material
06 Jan 2020
In 2019, the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) dealt with more than 132,000 reports containing child sexual abuse material — 26% more than in 2018, and the numbers are rising.
[Hungary] The Road to Happiness: Ethical School Program
03 Jan 2020
We live in a world in which the rate of immorality and crimes keeps growing. People are unable to solve their problems so they turn to alcohol and drugs.
[United Kingdom] Childhood Obesity: Lidl to Remove Cartoon Characters from Cereal Boxes
03 Jan 2020
Lidl, a German discount retail chain, will remove cartoon characters from its line of cereals in the UK by Spring to help parents fight 'pester power' and childhood obesity.


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