[United Kingdom] Children should be educated and empowered to deal with online abuse

30 May 2019
Evening Express

 "The Safer Schools” is a new application launched in more than 13,000 schools in the UK with the aim to educate, empower, protect children from online risks and give parents, teachers, and children the tools to identify, prevent and reduce the effects of online child abuse.  According to, Press Association the app is already being used by more than 1.000 schools.

 In an interview for Press Association Jim Gamble, chief executive of Ineqe Safeguarding Group, stated that “You can’t rely on the police, social services or teachers, in fact, to keep your children safe.”  He highlighted the risks that children go through when they are online and emphasized the importance of this app in making a positive use of technology by discussion contemporary online risks, providing children the right information, educating and empowering them.

This platform also provides expert information and guidance and access to training including safeguarding certifications and managing mental health in education.

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