[Poland] Poland: New Legislation Treats Sex Education as 'Pedophilia'

16 Oct 2019
Deutsche Welle

The streets in Warsaw, Poland were crowded with people protesting against a new bill that the government is planning to pass. The  bill, known as 'Stop Pedophilia', was proposed by the right-wing government, who is demanding sex education be removed from schools, and asking to criminalize the promotion of  sexual activity. The government is also trying to add anti-abortion and anti-contraception ideology in schools.

According to Wprost newsmagazine, teachers who don’t obey the law could face up to five years in prison.  

Protesters claim that sex education is an essential part of education, and it is in accordance with World Health Organization standards. The IPPF European Network tweeted that the bill was 'morally bankrupt'. Furthermore, Anna Blus, a researcher from Amnesty International, told Deutsche Welle that the new bill seems 'outrageous, extremely vague and broad, and it could have disastrous effects'. 

On the other hand, Martin Ociepa, the right-wing PiS lawmaker, stated during an interview for TOK FM radio, that the fear that educators might end up in jail is an exaggerated interpretation of the law, with which there is nothing wrong.

The bill is expected to be discussed in the Polish lower house and passed into law by the PiS majority in parliament. Meanwhile, protests are planned for the same day.




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