[Hungary] 'It is Dreadful when a Three-Year-Old Girl Tells you how her Father had Abused Her'

20 Jan 2020

The Hungarian-language online portal published an interview with Gyongyi Kugler, a clinical psychologist who works at the Budapest Victim Support Center where many of her patients are child victims of abuse. Kugler says she receives a new case every week. Victims come from two distinct categories: children aged 3–6, and teenagers. In 99% of her cases the abuser of small children is the father, foster parent, or grandfather. Cases are refered to her by the police or parents, if  their child disclosed the abuse. She speaks about methodologies that encourage small children to talk about their abuse, or what approaches she has to help this process: one is drawing, another is a sandbox where children can build their own world. The abused girl, for example, immediately chose a snake, a symbol of sexuality, and started hitting the snake with a 'giant' figure. Unfortunately, however, most cases cannot be proven — prosecutors accuse small children of dreaming, making up stories, etc. so they do not have to believe them or the psychologist.The situation is hardly better for older children: cases go on for several years, and convictions are rare. 

Dr. Kugler mentions the Barnahus, where children are heard in a special room and a recording is made that professionals can review, as a good practice. 

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