[Greece] Greek Consulate in Boston Honors Organization Helping Refugee Children

04 Oct 2019
Greek Reporter

The recent increase of unaccompanied migrant children raises serious issues in child protection. More and more refugee children arrive in the country without parental or other protection. There are only 1.169 available long-term accommodation options, but now 3.041 unaccompanied minors are in the camps. More than 1,100 children are currently homeless in Greece, living in the streets, with threat to violence, abuse or trafficking.

In Boston, the Greek consulate hosted an event to raise awareness about the current child protection gap. They presented “The HOME Project”, an NGO, which aims to help the unaccompanied refugee children in Greece.

Consul General Efthymiou said, “No one should remain indifferent to the plight of refugee children who are in urgent need of protection and support”.

Sofia Kouvelaki, the CEO of The HOME Project, presented information on their child protection model, which includes psychological, educational, pedagogical and social support, and asked attendees to support their work.

This project is funded by: