[Europe] Do the European States Do Enough to Protect the Rights of the Child?

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14 Nov 2019
Georgia Today

At the beginning of November a  two-day international conference was held on children’s right in Strasbourg with approximately 300 participants. The presentations and talks focused on the European states’ performances regarding  the protection of children’s right. Members of Parliament, government representatives, child rights defenders and other professionals attended the conference. Marija Pejcinovic Buric, Secretary General of the Council of Europe claimed “there are still ‘blind spots’ in children’s rights protection, areas where action is insufficient, often because the issues are controversial and those in power are uncomfortable dealing with them.”

The main findings of a report evaluating the mid-term results of the Council of Europe’s Strategy for the Rights of the Child 2016-2021 were also presented. This strategy focuses on five main fields of child protection: equal opportunities, participation, a life free from violence, child-friendly justice and the rights of the child in the digital environment. Besides, there was a section for “Power Talks” also, when children were “challengers” of the above mentioned participants and they were engaging in truly inspirational debates. One of the main purpose of the conference was to encourage children to speak up, when they face abuse or maltreatment. We should not let children feel unsafe “in those places, where they should feel safe to live, learn and pursue hobbies and sports”.

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