[Bulgaria] Parents Association Creates 'You are the Hero' Campaign for a Safer Online Environment

23 Sep 2019
National Network for Children Bulgaria

Data from the Parents Association show that in 2018, over 6,000 people contacted the online safety hotline in Bulgaria, mostly concerning child sexual abuse. As a result, and in order to improve online communication, they launched the ‘You are the Hero’ campaign.

The campaign, created in response to hate speech and psychological harassment, among other dangers that thrive on the Internet and put children at risk of being victimized, is a way to make the online environment safer for teens and young adults in Bulgaria. It asks every student, parent or teacher to share one good online deed that was done over the holiday break.

Along with the ‘You are the Hero’ campaign, the Parents Association has prepared a digital literacy guide that will be presented to the Ministry of Education.

Antoaneta Vassileva, of the Parents Association, said, ‘50 percent of children admit in one of our surveys that they do not recognize false information from real. They tend to interact with strangers on the Internet and this puts them at risk, including very quickly finding inappropriate content when searching for something.’


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