[Bulgaria] The Bulgarian Minister Of Justice Proposed the Abolition Of Youth Detention Centers

18 Jan 2018
Правен Свят

Legal World (Правен свят) announced that the Minister of Justice has launched a public debate on a "deviation from criminal proceedings and imposing of remedial measures on minors." This bill has been discussed by the Council On the Implementation Of the Updated Strategy For The Reform Of the Judiciary at a meeting held on 19th December 2017.

The project aims at building a policy that will work against the creation of "socially dangerous and victimizing behavior" of children in conflict with the law. Legal World noted that the consultation document can be found "on the Ministry of Justice's website, as well as on the Public Consultation Portal of the Council of Ministers. According to the aforementioned document, the policy introduced by the new bill is based on the National Strategy for the Child 2008-2018.

Further information can be found (in Bulgarian) in the source article HERE.


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