[Bulgaria] After years of protesting, the Parliament adopted the new Disability Act

27 Dec 2018
National Network for Children

One of the best news for December in Bulgaria is that the Parliament finally adopted the new Disability Act after years of protests by mothers of disabled children. Following the adoption of the new law, people with disabilities will receive more financial support from 2019 onward, an individual needs assessment will be introduced, and a completely new agency will be responsible for people with disabilities. A personal assistant for all people in need is included in the plans. For the first time in Bulgaria, the envisaged financial support will be linked to a given poverty line while the planned budget for the next year is 426 million BGN.

According to Minister Biser Petkov, this law is also in line with the numerous requirements of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, ratified by the Bulgarian country. This includes the constitution of bodies that will ensure the implementation of this law as well as monitoring. Minister Petkov also notes that the new law provides employment measures, which can be defined as a significant step towards a better social integration of people with disabilities. This in turn can lead to a complete reform in the Bulgarian social sphere.

The Disability Act predicts the following: a monitoring council, a state agency for people with disabilities, a Deputy Prime Minister's for the national council for people with disabilities, coordinators for the rights of people with disability, emphasis on individual assessment, financial support and measures for employment for disabled persons.

You can find detailed information on the subject in Bulgarian in the original news source of the National Network for Children.

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