[Albania] Protection workers of Tirana Municipality start the series of training on "Child Protection Issues" curricula

11 Nov 2019
Tdh Albania


A three day course on the Child Protection Issues in Albania was organized 5-7 November 2019, with the participation of Child Protection Workers and staff of Child Protection Units from the Municipality of Tirana. This training went through the subject of Understanding Childhood and the Protection System in Albania, which is the first module of the whole package of capacity building set for the protection workers.

The “Child Protection Issues course” is based on the “In-Service-Course” with the same name developed in 2012 by local and international experts in the field of child protection, through a close collaboration between the MSWY, Faculty of Social Sciences/Department of Social Work, Save the Children, World Vision, UNICEF under the lead and coordination of Terre des Hommes. It aimed at laying the foundation for setting up a training system for continuing education for professionals in the field of child protection and social services in the country. Between 2013 – 2017, about 90 professionals have followed this training program and have been certified.

Starting in 2018 UNICEF and Terre des Hommes took over the review and update of the previous curricula, a process that was to be followed by a series of training activities with professionals of child protection all over Albania.

Two sets of training on the first two modules of the curriculum are being planned to take place in four cities of Albania during November – March 2019; in Tirana, Korca, Kukes and Vlora. These capacity building activities will be facilitated by Tdh Albania in collaboration with the Agency for the Protection of Children. The organisation of the coming events, on the last three modules of the training package, will be taken over by the Albanian School of Public Administration (ASPA) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.


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