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[International] Facebook reports removing millions of posts for hate speech, child exploitation violations
14 Nov 2019
Facebook (and Instagram) removed millions of posts between July and September because they break their hate speech and child exploitation guidelines:
[Moldova] Teachers and school managers from 30 communities in Moldova shared best practices in preventing and combating bullying in schools (ChildHub event)
14 Nov 2019
30 teachers and school managers from 30 communities in Moldova participated, on 29th and 30th of October, in a training to strengthen their knowledge on preventing and combating bullying in school and community, organized by Terre des homm
[Moldova] Networking, hard work and creativity at ”ALEG” autumn camp
13 Nov 2019
Strengthening knowledge attained during summer school, guiding marks and new activities
[Romania] Partners in project against gender-based violence meet in Oslo
12 Nov 2019
This week,  partners’ in the “Uniting Forces to address gender-based violence against children and youth” project participate in an exchange
[International] Iuliana – she had no chance from the beginning
11 Nov 2019
Julianna is not just one young girl, who was born to a bad place. Julianna is all the girls, who grew up without parental guidance and does not know anything about her health, her body and her rights.


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