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[Bulgaria] The 3rd December was International Day of People with Disabilities
05 Dec 2019
The National Children's Network reported that 3rd December was International Day of People with Disabilities.
[Bulgaria] Bulgarian Ministry of Labor and Social Policy Calls Conclusions of Disability Rights International on Homes for Children with Disabilities Tendentious
04 Dec 2019
The Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (MLSP) sent their views on the findings of the Disability Rights International report, which was presented last week, to news website Dnevnik.
[Kosovo] January – September 2019, 15 victims of human trafficking have been identified in Kosovo
04 Dec 2019
According to Kosovo Police sources, 34 operational plans have been conducted from the beginning of the year until September 2019, with the investigation of 114 premises, which resulted in shutting down 43 of them.
[Romania] UMD professor continues decades-long research comparing foster care to orphanages
03 Dec 2019
There is a research, called Bucharest Early Intervention Project started by Nathan Fox and his team, which compares the outcomes of children who grew up in foster homes with children who lived in orphanages.
[European Union] Thirty years of children’s rights – what has Europe achieved?
02 Dec 2019
The Convention of the rights of the child was born 30 years ago and The European Parliament organised a conference with international human rights bodies and society actors to build a stronger cooperation and to improve the child rights pr
[International] Child to Parent Violence and Abuse
02 Dec 2019
The article below was written by Helen Bonnick, a social worker and educator who specialises in child to parent violence and abuse.
[România] Workshop de Jurnalism in Social Media și Storytelling
02 Dec 2019
Pe 9 și 10 decembrie la București va avea loc un workshop despre jurnalism în social media și storytelling, la inițiativa Living Together. 
[Serbia] Research among students has shown that children do not see themselves in the media
02 Dec 2019
On the occasion of the celebration of November 20, International Children's Day, Friends of Children of Serbia published data from the mini-survey Children and Traditional and New Media, conducted in Children's Week during the Student Parliaments
[Georgia] Strengthening responses to child sexual exploitation and abuse in Georgia
29 Nov 2019
At the end of November, a Council of Europe experts met the key stakeholders and authorities to identify gaps in legalisation, policies and practise of online and offline child sexual exploitation and abuse in Georgia.


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