Information leaflets: The rights of children in criminal proceeding [Infographic]

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20 Dec 2019

These leaflets are an excellent communication tool to give information on their rights to children or their parents/legal guardians when they (or their child) get arrested, go to court and are in pre-trial detention.

The aim of this tool is to allow children involved in one of these phases of criminal proceedings to learn about their rights, which can help them to exercise their right to understand and participate in the proceedings.  Even in cases where they do not speak the language of the country, they are in. The leaflets created for parents or legal guardians aims to help them get informed of the situation they are in, so they will be able to help their children better understand the criminal proceedings, as well as encourage their active participation in them.

There are six leaflets created in a simple and handy format for printing. All of them are created in a child-friendly language (avoid excessive use of technical terminology) and are available in 24 official languages of the European Union. 

To download the pack of 6 different leaflets per language in a compressed file, please click on the links for further information below.

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