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22 Benefits of ChildHub Membership 

By becoming a member of the ChildHub, you receive a lot of privilages compared to non-members. You get access to more functions, more people and more content. The more active you are, the more benefits you get.

Profile yourself and your organisation:

  • You become visible for your colleagues in your country and beyond.
  • You link yourself to publications you authored.
  • You promote your expertise in the consultants’ directory.
  • You can contribute your own content, such as news, events, vacancies, resources, etc.
  • You will receive badges showing your participation in different event and activities. You will receive certificates for attending webinars.
  • With each action on the ChildHub, you earn points (SMILES and HUGS), that will help you to compete for rewards, prizes and receive recognition from the community.
  • As a member of the community you can influence the way it is developing so as it meets your needs better.


Connect with colleagues:

  • You can browse other members by location, profession, etc.
  • You can instantly see on the Activity Log what others are reading, what events they are attending, etc.
  • You can send private messages to other ChildHub members.
  • You can rate content and comment on it.
  • You can participate in forum discussions.
  • You can register your organisation on ChildHub and tag your colleagues, events, news and publications.
  • You can submit cases for online case discussions with colleagues across the region.  
  • You can endorse your colleagues for different skills and be endorsed.


Learn and explore:

  • You will get access to the ChildHub Academy and its online courses.
  • You can select your topics of interest and receive alerts to your email when there is a new piece of content published on that topic.
  • You will receive suggestions on content to read.  
  • You can sign up for our webinars or case discussions in 1 click. And if you are logged in, you automatically log into the webinar room as well!
  • You can suggest topics and speakers for future webinars.
  • You can save your discussions, favourite content, webinars you subscribed to etc in “My ChildHub”.


How to become a member:

To become a member, please register by clicking here. The process is very straightforward and won't take you longer than 1-3 minutes.


See below what our current members think about the Child Hub and how they benefit from their membership.


Anonymous's picture

Child Protection Hub challenges you to discover and learn. I see it as an opportunity for child protection professionals to work together and create complementary services with a stronger impact on child welfare. 

Lavinia Hagiu
Peter Szczyglowski's picture

It's clear that great effort and care has been put into ensuring the Child Hub interface is attractive, colorful, and inviting. Anyone using the site feels encouraged to reach out to others as communication is simple and straightforward. Perhaps most importantly, Child Hub connects people from many different countries and offers something for everyone. It is constantly being updated and improved, and feedback is welcomed and easy to give. 

Peter Szczyglowski
Anonymous's picture

The Child Hub works! This was my impression when I first used it to consult with colleagues from the region involved in the same research project on issues of human capacities in child protection services. It feels like the hub was designed with me, my colleagues and our needs in mind. What we all can contribute to it, will add high value and will be extremely beneficial to the work of everyone. 

Elona Dhembo
Arina Cretu's picture

"The Child Protection Hub is an open space for everyone working towards the full realization of children's rights. It is a smart combination of virtual and real life learning and exchange. Here, Child Protection professionals can interact among themselves and with international experts, access various practical and theoretical materials. The contribution of every professional is important for the development of our hub. "

Arina Cretu
Non-governmental Organisation (NGO)
Aliona Stepan's picture

I highly appreciate the initiative to “store” on a website so many useful resources of great quality. I manage to get informed about issues that directly interest me, but also to learn about totally new subjects. It is very important for me that ChildHub offers the opportunity to interact with professionals from other countries in the region, but also from Moldova, and to share the experience we have. The webinars are an accessible and attractive way to learn from experienced experts from around the world. And the training of trainers that I attended was a unique opportunity to meet professionals from this region and to involve in an exchange of experiences that helps to solve common problems.

Aliona Stepan
NGO worker
Irene Stevens's picture

"The Child Hub provides an important gateway to improving knowledge and practice for children at risk of violence. It gives us all a way to share the best knowledge and interventions and to learn from each other about the best ways to make a real difference to the lives of children."

Dr Irene Stevens
Anonymous's picture

Often, professionals who provide direct services to children, see a gap between theory and practice: ‘How can we apply the attachment theory to the particular case of a 12-year-old boy with challenging behaviour?’ Without having the ambition to redesign university programmes, childhub.org connects theory, research and practice by offering self-study materials in plain language. The broad scope of resources which vary in length, format and topic cover psychological, social, legal and medical issues related to child protection services.

Kalina Yordanova, PhD
Valbona Carcani-Mane's picture

Child Hub is a true treasure for the era of technology and innovation we are living in. Here you read the latest news, get your questions answered by peer professionals based all over the region, find an urgently needed document from anywhere, listen to an audio on a specific topic to prepare for a meeting, etc. There is an ocean of resources to discover and use!

Valbona Carcani-Mane
Maria Oteleanu's picture

Child Hub is a place where child protection experts and the general public can gather to discuss the central issues in child protection. I like it that it not only provides a friendly and accessible learning platform, but also allows professionals to share experiences and resources. A strong background in child protection paves the way towards efficient actions and positive changes for the future.

Maria Oţeleanu
Dorentina Hysa's picture

Child Protection Hub- the space that fosters professional connections, updated information, and further learning opportunities. It helps me to learn about the latest news on child protection issues. A useful site to navigate!

Dorentina Hysa
Social Worker
Lidija Kralj's picture

ChildHub provides online content that is of the highest standard. It brings me great joy to have the vast online library ready to access at my fingertips. I believe the multilingualism of the Child Hub content makes it easier for teachers and experts to search for helpful resources in whatever language they feel most comfortable with, and further encourages their participation in the area of child protection. 

Lidija Kralj
Moshe Landsman's picture

The Child Hub is an essential resource for child protection and empowerment in the Balkans. It offers rich materials and learning opportunities to workers who are far from physical libraries, and creates easier access to experts for those in the field. The site is growing all the time, so one can keep coming back to benefit from this resource.

Moshe Iandsman, PhD
Enkelejda Lopari's picture

The Child Protection Hub is a source of useful information both on your country and the region in general. Thanks to it, I realized we share a lot of common concerns and practices in the region. I enjoy visiting the Child Hub regularly to reflect on the issues I am currently working on. 

Enkelejda Bregu–Lopari
Vesna Katalinic's picture

"Experts who work in child protection area need a place where they could read professional literature, find good practices of working with children, get inspired to work responsibly and creatively. But, ChildHub is not just a place for that! ChildHub is the place where experts can also meet, exchange expertise, help and motivate each other. This is a true treasure for all the experts in child protection area."

Vesna Katalinic
Project Manager
Ana Radulescu's picture

Child Hub is easy to use, and spending time in the Active Learning section is well worth the effort. Interactive tools, opportunities to join live webinars and listen to the recordings of the past ones, as well as using self-study materials and courses which you can enjoy at your own rhythm and comfort of your own home are very effective and attractive. 

Ana Rădulescu, PhD
Kushtrim Islami's picture

I found the Child Protection Hub to be a necessary and important tool for professionals and for the general public in receiving and sharing information on child protection. As an interactive mobile site, the Hub enables us access to abundant and up-to-date information in multiple formats (such as textual and audio-visual), and the site also provides a space for the exchange of expertise between members of the community.

Kushtrim Islami
NGO worker
Ian Milligan's picture

"Doing child protection work is not easy, in fact it is challenging and often not well paid! The Child Hub cannot make child protection work easy (or well paid!) but it can provide resources that will be useful to professionals involved in this demanding work. It is also be a 'place' where professionals can meet others involved in the same work - from their own and neighbouring countries - and share experiences, ideas and aspirations."

Ian Milligan, PhD
University lecturer

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