Kopin - empowering communities

Kopin envisions a global and inclusive society, where citizens are equally empowered to contribute to a world that is free of poverty and any other forms of injustice.

Kopin`s mission is to contribute to the alleviation of global poverty and social injustice by:

  • Engaging in sustainable projects with partners from the Majority World;
  • Providing services to vulnerable populations in Malta with a particular focus on migrant women and children;
  • Promoting and providing development education and increasing public awareness to mobilise citizens towards participating in the development debate;
  • Building capacities of our members and partners;
  • Monitoring political processes and engaging in policy dialogue with decision makers to influence the debate on Maltese and European policies related to development, migration and children’s rights.

To achieve this Kopin adopts a human rights-based approach; exchange ideas and experiences with local, European and global partners, and seek to be innovative by identifying neglected areas of concern.

This project is funded by: