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Non-governmental organisations are often faced with a major challenge: it is not enough to implement capacity-building programmes to positively influence or change the practice of professionals, as often laws, national strategies and national policies may conflict with the approach or practice that NGOs are promoting.  Influencing national policy-making is often a challenging task for organisations, one that involves a lot of communication possibly both to the public at large, but also to decision-makers in a targeted way. We want to help you with these issues. If you have a specific question on how to develop your advocacy action, or how to communicate with decision-makers, write to us and we will arrange a one-on-one skype discussion with our advocacy advisor. Feel free to ask for his advice!

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Useful policy documents

Strategy for combating trafficking in human beings 2019-2024 in Montenegro
Human trafficking is a challenging and alarming phenomenon and in the recent years Montenegro has been recognized as a country of origin, transit and destination for victims of trafficking.
Advocacy Toolkit
The purpose of this toolkit is to assist child rights advocates and other professionals in influencing the governments at national and sub-national level, to promote the development of better care services for unaccompanied and separated migrant c
Transitioning to a Government-Run Refugee and Migrant Response in Greece
Destination Unknown campaign member Terre des Hommes, together with 11 other organisations, have produced a roadmap providing an overview of the current situation on the Aegean islands in Greece, as well as on the Greek mainland.
Lost in Migration: working together in protecting children from disappearance
Coinciding with the informal Justice and Home Affairs Council, Missing Children Europe joined hands with the Maltese President’s Foundation for the Wellbeing of Society to bring together key stakeholders concerned with the protection of migrant ch
EU Opportunities and Monitoring Tools in EU Enlargement, Near Neighbourhood and EU Internal Affairs
This explanatory paper by Child Circle for Child Protection Hub for South East Europe provides a framework for identifying the type of EU opportunities that arise in (1) Child Protection in Near Neighbourhood and the enlargement negotiations and (
Evaluating Advocacy
Advocacy is challenging to evaluate and measure. Evaluation plays a critical role in the assessment of progress and determining if and when your organization is meeting your advocacy goals. It also helps to develop realistic long-term and...
Advocacy Toolkit: Investing in Children: Breaking the cycle of disadvantage
European Commission Recommendation Investing in children: breaking the cycle of disadvantage calls for a children’s rights approach and integrated strategies based on three pillars:
Break the Silence! Sexual Violence within the Circle of Trust
The policy paper builds on the recently completed research - part of the Council of Europe's first monitoring report of the Lanzarote Convention for the protection of children from sexual abuse.
Pregnancy in adolescence
The first edition of the Policy Paper on the topic "Pregnancy in adolescence" aims to promote policies to prevent teenage pregnancy and improving reproductive health of young women.
CONCORD recommendations to Heads of State on Migration and Development
(Brussels, 24/06/2015) Since the beginning of this year, more than 1800 people have died in the Mediterranean trying to reach the European shores, 50 times more than the figure recorded over the same period in 2014.
Report on the implementation of the EU Framework for National Roma Integration Strategies 2015
This report outlines the need for the European Union to commit to aligning values that supports Roma integration, and to have inclusive reform mainstream policies.
9th European Forum on the rights of the child Coordination and cooperation in integrated child protection systems - Forum Report
The 9th European Forum on the rights of the child aimed to foster the exchange of good practices, to facilitate connections at inter-sectoral and inter-agency level (both nationally and transnationally), and to promote more effective cooperation a
Written Contribution for the EU-Moldova Human Rights Dialogue 2015
The document is created for advocacy purposes, providing a critical review of the National Child Protection Strategy of Moldova for 2014-2020.
The costs and economic impact of violence against children
Every day, millions of children throughout the world are subjected to abuse, neglect, exploitation and violence in different settings, including in their homes, schools, communities and work environments.
Advocacy E-Lab
Advocacy e-Lab is an online learning platform dedicated to rights-based advocates interested in: • Governmental adoption of a successful community-based programme (“programmes to policy”);
Standards and good practice references by responents to online public consultation on integrated child protection systems
This document consists of standards and good practices, that were derived from responses to the online public consultation on integrated child protection systems, where respondents were asked to share good practice/standards that could be of use t
International standards on child protection
This document is a compilation of standards and useful links that were mentioned or submitted by respondents to the online public consultation on integrated child protection systems, as well as standards that are included and referred to in the Eu
Summary list of key EU legislative instruments relevant to child protection
This summary contains key legislative instruments for Member States' policies and measures aimed at promoting and developing an integrated child protection approach. The summary is based on the following regulations and directives:
Closing in on Change
Campaigning is a powerful tool for bringing about social change, but it is a risky pursuit for many charities, involving as it does the spending of often scarce time and money on activities for which success is far from guaranteed. Measuring the...
Anti-Trafficking Campaign in Kosovo 2012 - Final report
The final report compares the results of pre-campaign and post-campaign surveys and also provides the assessment of Anti-Trafficking campaign.
Advocacy Toolkit
This advocacy toolkit prepared by the NGO Group for the CRC is designed to help NGOs and child rights advocates to understand the Optional Protocol to the CRC on a communications procedure or OP3 CRC.
Someone on our side: Advocacy for disabled children and young people
The Children’s Society conducted this study, which focuses on the under-explored area of advocacy for disabled children and young people across England.
Making Connections
This guide is an introduction to the ‘theory of change’ approach to planning, monitoring and evaluation. It explains what it is, why to use it and how to use it. It will help you:
Prevention Pays: the Economic Benefits of Ending Violence in Schools
Prevention Pays: the Economic Benefits of Ending Violence in Schools
This report summarises the main arguments of the Plan/ODI report The Economic impact of school violence (2010) and draws on Plan’s campaign and programme experience of the past two years tackling violence against children in school.
See Me, Hear Me
This guide is intended for use by child and disability rights advocates, and civil society organisations. It will also be of use to government in i…
Child participation in advocacy
Adapted from Save the Children UK’s Advocacy Toolkit, Second Edition January 2007, "Child participation in advocacy" aims at planning an appropriate involvement of children in the advocacy strategy.
Advocating in the Best Interest of the Child
Presentation of 15 slides on achievements and problems faced in Transnational Against Child Trafficking (TACT) coordinated Advocacy by Terre des ho…
Child protection
This handbook addresses all of those functions. It does so in general terms, and with regard to ten specific child protection issues: birth regist…
Sex Trafficking of Children in Malta
SexTrafficking of Children in Malta
ECPAT, as part of its ‘Stop Trafficking Children and Young People Campaign’, together with the Body Shop, produced a factsheet about the situation of child trafficking in Malta, including the country’s legislative framework and...
Challenges identified for integrated child protection systems
The European Commission has identified challenges for integrated child protection systems and has explained in this document the different aspects of the protection systems that face these challenges.

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