Date of publication: 
18 Nov 2019
This booklet was produced in partnership with children
facilitated by Hintalovon Child Rights Foundation.
Council of Europe

The booklet for teenagers focuses on children's questions and through cases, helps you to understand sexual abuse and criminal matters.

  • Are you uncomfortable when they look at you or touch you?
  • Some naked pictures shared?
  • You suspect a hidden motive?
  • Are you unsure if you want to do it too?
  • Is there a love between teacher and student?
  • They put you in a position where you feel you can't say no?
  • Did criminal proceedings commence?

Teenagers in the publication find themselves in similar situations or worrying about someone. They talk to adults about their rights, the consequences of their decisions and what they can do. The scenes give children an idea of who to turn to for help and confirm that they can talk about sexuality and their feelings.

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