How Cybersmart Are You?

On-line game for children
Date of publication: 
22 Aug 2018

Today’s children are growing up in a digital age, exposing them to all the wonders and dangers that the internet brings. It’s important to educate children about online safety. It is smart to use on line games to educate children how to be safe on-line. 

This is a quiz provided by the Australian government, led by a young cartoon girl called Sam. She’ll talk children through the quiz, with text and voice. It’s brief, with 11 questions total, but covers a whole range of topics like emails, passwords, the dangerous of online advertisements, and unsettling videos.

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European Union
South Eastern Europe
Lena Kuzina
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This is so important nowadays

This is so important nowadays! 

Jiyam Shrestha
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Nice game

It is very nice and simple but full of knowledge to young Kids. I liked it. Thank you for the team who developed the game.



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